Compassionate dialog, one to one help, and nurturing support.  


Our Mission

Birth Choice exists to encourage any pregnant woman to choose the gift of life for herself and her unborn baby by providing the means to do so.

OUR Philosophy 

Birth Choice exists to provide any pregnant woman, concerned friend or family member compassionate dialog, one to one help, and nurturing support.  Volunteers and staff members provide each woman whatever practical assistance is necessary to help her realize her worth and that of her unborn child.  With help from Birth Choice she can choose the gift of life, simultaneously finding enrichment and spiritual healing.  Support is given in a loving, personal, non-judgmental and strictly confidential way to meet the specific needs of each individual. 

Over the last forty years I have seen and heard unbelievable stories of faith, strength, perseverance, courage and tenacity.
— Barbara Chishko, Birth Choice Founder