Don't Face Your pregnancy Alone

Birth Choice offices are staffed with dependable, responsible well-trained volunteers who are willing to give of themselves to you. A volunteer will begin the process of assisting you in finding possible solutions for your immediate concerns by listening to you and speaking with you in an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.

We always carefully guard the confidentiality of the information you share with us as the law allows.  We recognize your need for comfort and encouragement, and know that you may be very concerned and frightened about your immediate future.
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Are You Concerned About...

Your Finances?
Birth Choice volunteers are trained to help you negotiate the maze of community resources available for financial assistance. 
Your Health and the Health of your Baby?
The health of your baby is dependent upon your own health.  Therefore, early medical care is of the utmost importance.  Birth Choice can access medical care for any pregnant woman who seeks our help. 
Your Ability to Care for your Baby?
There are a variety of educational programs available through Birth Choice and community resources as well.  Our volunteers are familiar with the programs available and will assist you in finding the ones best suited for your needs.